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Aura Photography with The Pyjama Medium

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Introducing Ayla; The Pyjama Medium and her wonderful Aura Photography!

This is an event not to be missed...

Ever wondered what your aura looks like? or why it is worth getting it done?
Aside from being very visually beautiful the aura can tell us alot about what may be going on for us on an emotional, physical, spiritual level, there is alot that can be learned about where we are in this moment and what may be in store for us.
You may be wanting guideance, reassurance, or simply an understanding to what you may be feeling, thinking or experiencing, this is an opportunity for you to find out.
What I offer?
I offer a chance for you to receive a photo which will capture your own unique aura. Within your image I will look at the 5 core sections of your aura, the colour and the meaning. The 5 core sections will tell you what your current goal or train of thought/focus is? how people see you? where your current path is leading you? what your foundations are? and what your core personality is? who doesn't want to know all of these things???
If you are someone who is wanting to harness your own energy and destiny having this extra bit of knowledge may be the perfect piece that you are needing. I pride myself on being able to empower people no matter where they are in their journey and offering these photos allows me to fullfill this.
With every photo you will receive an explanation of the colours and as an added bonus I will also use my gifts to connect to spirit to allow them an opportunity to share any further insight with you.
As an introductory price I am offering this to you for $50 (Bookings Essential)

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Ayla, ThePyjama Medium

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Aura Photography with The Pyjama Medium
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