Therapies & Packages

Offering a range of unique and heartfelt holistic therapy services to stimulate the body's natural healing process, bringing about balance, relaxation and self healing for women on spiritual, emotional and physical levels

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Wharetangata Ora “Womb Massage”

A traditional Maori healing from Aotearoa - NZ. A safe sacred modality that helps to clear past trauma, ancient wounding and cellular memory that no longer serves your highest potential. Assisting you to reclaim your power and wisdom, as the manifesting creatress that you are! This is a non-intrusive massage, where the wharetangata is accessed externally, and does not require nudity. The massage component is a safe nurturing experience that is non invasive and does not require internal work. This work may also serve to improve reproductive conditions and increase fertility. Not suitable for pregnant women.


Family Freedom Protocol

The Family Freedom Protocol is a 15 step, life-changing system proven to create more harmony & connection with the entire family. Focusing on the clients emotional and subconscious wellbeing, this service is available in person or completely ONLINE aims to remove old conditioned beliefs, habits and emotional trauma.

Available to purchase in 4, 8 or 12 week in person or online sessions! ONLINE - the client attends a video call at designated appointment times, making this service available to anyone anywhere in the world.

This program was developed and taught by leading Australian life coach and NLP practitioner Emma Romano and has had astounding results. You will gain the tools for self healing and letting go of limiting beliefs, setting you on a direct path to living your best life!

4 Sessions normally $720AUD, NOW $557AUD for a limited time only.


Reproductive Reflexology

Women’s Reproductive health and natural and assisted conception preparation and treatments.

Currently training with renowned English fertility specialist, Barbara Scott who has developed a unique method of Reflexology to encourage natural and assisted reproduction.

Please register your interest via email if you’d like to participate in case studies.



Reflexology is an ancient healing modality whereby pressure is applied to reflexes on the feet (hands and/or ears) to stimulate homeostasis within the body. Aligning and balancing the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies, reflexology is an effective alternative therapy for the treatment of many conditions. Including; anxiety/depression, improved sleep, stress, pregnancy, hormone balancing, musculoskeletal conditions, joint pain and inflammation, digestive function and much more.

Laura combines her understanding of the physical and etheric bodies, in a safe relaxing environment, leaving her clients feeling relaxed, balanced and often pain free.

Indian Head Massage

Relaxation Package - Indian Head Massage & Reflexology

Indian head massage originated in India over 1000 years ago and began as a way of keeping the hair in good condition. It is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda.  In this treatment, the client remains seated and the practitioner works on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, ears and face. The areas are massaged using firm movements involving acupressure points. This technique has a strong effect on the heart and three higher Chakras, stimulating healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Combine with Reflexology for a truly relaxing and blissful experience, resulting in overall improved wellbeing and vitality.

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Reiki - Reset

Combining Laura’s powerful energy healing techniques with Emma Romano’s Timeline Reset process to add a deeper dimension to clearing any stuck emotions, conditioned behaviours and limiting beliefs for clients.
With Emma's permission, this is a BRAND NEW service that offers both together for fast and profound healing shifts.

Reiki Energy Healing


With 15 years experience, Laura has developed a unique style of energy healing that  includes; Reiki, intuition, ancestral and multi-dimensional techniques. Each session is tailored beautifully, providing a nourishing and safe space specific to the needs of the client. A typical session will involve a relaxing energy healing session, where focus is placed on removing energetic blockages from the body and bringing them back into balance, followed by a debrief of what was experienced by practitioner and client. It is challenging to describe exactly what will unfold, as everyone will experience something unique to their own healing process.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences - Flower Affinity Assessment

Connecting you to the gentle yet powerful vibrational medicine of West Australian native flowers. They work with the physical, emotional and spiritual body to bring you back into a state of balance and peace. Clearing away old habitual thought patterns, and allowing space for consciousness to move forwards in a mindful positive direction.

Each client receives a personalised bottle of flower essences to continue their healing journey at home.

Reiki Flower Essences

Rebalance Package - Reiki & Flower Essences

Experience the magic of Reiki and Flower Essences together, creating a state of relaxation and working together to bring the body, mind and spirit back into balance. The ultimate package for self care and recharging.

Each client receives a personalised bottle of flower essences to continue their healing journey at home.

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

Exchange In Person $62 / Email Reading $45

Purchase a psychic reading via email, and receive insights directly into your inbox!

Also offering readings one on one and in small groups for those looking for confirmation in life, or hoping to receive messages from the spirit world

A natural born psychic medium, with over 15 years training and experience, Laura connects to your energy and offers an interpretation of the most likely outcomes based on what your energy reads at that time. It is important to note that all human beings have free will, and can change their own path, by making conscious changes and choices. Laura will also often bring through spirit guides and/or ancestors who have crossed over, to offer messages of hope and guidance as well as prove life after death.

Contact me to book your face to face reading. Or purchase your email reading below.