About Laura Elizabeth

Laura is a natural born psychic medium with over a decade of training in psychic development and meditation. Born and raised on the Northeast coast of Fife, Scotland. she has forever felt a compelling connection to natural remedies, folklore and magic that flows from these cultural roots.

A Reiki Master with training in Clinical Reflexology, Massage, Flower Essence Therapy and Herbal Remedies, Laura is dedicated to being of service to help as many as possible, to reach their highest potential and embody their best self. Her writing offers insight to like-minded folks with the intention of inspiring hope for their own spiritual journey and process. 


It was a wow moment for me after a wonderful session with Laura. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
— Dawn M, Roleystone

My Story...

Why Reflexology?

In March 2013, I was excited to learn that I was expecting my third child. Within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, my body began releasing an overload of hormones to relax the ligaments in my pelvis, for my hips to accommodate the expansion of my womb. This caused a severe amount of chronic pain through my hips and sacrum, and for most of the pregnancy my hips and belly were strapped up and I struggled to walk without the aid of crutches. It was one of the most challenging experiences of my life, also having to care for a 3 and 2 year old, while their father worked away. I birthed my beautiful baby boy at home, and he was perfect in every way. I regained the ability to walk unaided almost immediately, however I suffered constant chronic hip and lower back pain, and very little seemed to help. Physiotherapy and Bowen Therapy, as well as some topical herbal anti-inflammatories would ease the pain for a short while, but never more than a day or so. Then I came across Reflexology and it changed my world! After just a few treatments, I was experiencing long lasting relief from the pain and inflammation I had suffered daily for over 2 years. Not only that, I experienced improvement in my mental health, sleep quality and digestive system too. The benefits of Reflexology truly speak for themselves and I have made it my mission now as a Clinical Reflexologist to focus my intention on helping as many others as possible. 

Why Reiki / Energy Healing and Meditation?

As a child I always had the ability to see spirit, and spent many nights with the blankets over my head unable to sleep due to all the paranormal activity. It was my normal, and something I didn't discuss, as I just assumed it's how everyone experienced the world around them. Somewhere around 7 or 8 years old, I closed the door on the spiritual world and did anything I could to fit in with those around me. It wasn't until moving to Perth, Australia at age 12 that the door was flung open again due to the affect of hormones and the change in my energy. Very soon I was experiencing constant spirit presences, precognitive dreams and strange coincidences multiple times a day. I confided in my parents, who gratefully, were open minded and found me a mentor of sorts to help me understand the who/what/why. I was able to call upon her when I needed advice, or needed the spirit world to back off to be able to focus on schooling. 

On completing school, I began sitting in a psychic development circle hosted by my mentor. For almost 10 years I met, sat with, confided in and held space with the most remarkable group of human beings. We laugh and we cried on a weekly basis, as we learned the process of unravelling through self healing, psychic development and mediumship. I am forever grateful for these incredible years of spiritual growth and the skills and understanding I learned.

Since then, I have continued my studies in the intuitive arts in between growing and raising my three children. I have hosted meditation groups and development workshops, I have trained to Reiki Master level, worked with nature and herbs, crystals and animals and directly with spirit guides and other dimensions to deepen my understanding. Having an awareness of spiritual process and an understanding of meditatation are skills that I honestly couldn't function without. It is an honour to offer these skills and share them with those who feel drawn to healing and/or their own personal development in whatever form that may be.