Loving Herself Whole

Loving Herself Whole

About the Book

Loving Herself Whole was a completely spirit-led process. The content was written and created in a state of meditation, contemplation and reflection, with the assistance of Higher Self and Spirit Guides over a decade.

It is an insight into Laura's personal spiritual healing, processing and development. She takes you into the depths of the rabbit hole with her, where she begins to stitch together the wisdom required to step further into her heart's truth, to reach her highest potential.

More and more beings are showing an interest in personal development through spiritual process, and this collection of channeled reflections is intended to provide inspiration to spark the knowing and understanding of your own truth and potential in this life.

“This book reminds me that we are all so connected, physically and spiritually and how beautiful it is to remember our ancestral roots. I love how the words flow like poetry. My favourite is “Get out of Her Way”. The imagery and strength brings a smile to my face. Each page has a deep message and there’s a message for everyone.
— Tracey G, Bedfordale
This is a very beautifully written book, which is extremely thought provoking. A very personal journey filled with love.
— Janice C, Roleystone

Book Launch Event

View Laura's opening speech from the Book Launch below.

Loving Herself Whole Book Launch, November 2017.