“This book reminds me that we are all so connected, physically and spiritually and how beautiful it is to remember our ancestral roots. I love how the words flow like poetry. My favourite is “Get out of Her Way”. The imagery and strength brings a smile to my face. Each page has a deep message and there’s a message for everyone.
— Tracy G, Bedfordale
This is a very beautifully written book, which is extremely thought provoking. A very personal journey filled with love.
— Janice C, Roleystone
Tiny toes was my sanity saver! I was referred to Laura by a friend who swore by her magic, and I was not disappointed! Which is why I continue to drive over 30 minutes to come and see her, she’s worth it!

I initially went for help with sleep. My bubba was walking up tired, not happy or rested during awake times and not sleeping properly at night. After her first session, my baby had the deepest nap, and then a restful night sleep. I finally saw my happy cheeky baby again.

As time continued, my visits worked on whatever was happening at the time. I’ll never forget the time we were struggling with constipation after introducing solids. Laura warned me that sometimes it can release quite quickly. And it did, it was only 10 minutes after the appointment when I heard the emptying of her bowels and a baby sigh in relief!

So aside from Laura’s consistent and incredibly awesome results... it’s the compassion and connection that I really value. I have rocked up practically in tears from the ups and downs of parenting, and Laura welcomed me in, with love, non judgement and a hot cup of tea. It was exactly what I needed.

I was so impressed by the tiny toes sessions that I had to book myself in for an extended mummy session! It was an absolute delight. I felt more relaxed and at peace than I have been since giving birth.

I cannot recommend Laura and her magic and loving hands for tiny and not-so tiny toes highly enough. She’s a real gem! I can’t imagine going to anyone else, and I can’t believe I ever parented without this powerful (and easy) check in and balance. Thank you Laura!!

Something that I also greatly appreciate is Laura’s responsiveness to my baby’s cues. One day my baby did not want reflexology done, and rather than force it, Laura respected her and stayed present until she was ready for a mini session. That is the kind of care that matters.
— Jess T, Kwinana
My 6 month old baby and I attended Laura’s Reflexology Workshop. The session was held in a beautifully calm space with an intimate group size. Laura was extremely welcoming and warm, ensuring everyone was comfortable. We formed a circle on the floor as laura led us through a variety of ways to safely use reflexology on our babies to target their individual needs. The session was laid back and fun but also highly informative. We received an information booklet to guide our practice at home. A gift of home made flower essence was a lovely personal touch. My baby enjoys receiving reflexology and I have found it to be a great way to help her settle before sleep. I highly recommend this workshop!
— Cleo Z, Vic Park
We attended Laura’s workshop just after my little girl turned 1 as I interested in learning more about the benefits of reflexology on babies and young children. Although my daughter used to react playfully to baby massage, she was the perfect model during the session. She responded beautifully to Laura and her magical touch. As we continue to practice I only wish I had discovered Laura sooner!
— Helen C, Joondalup
I went to Laura with buckets of stress, I felt emotionally weak and had intense nightmares almost every night. I had one relaxing session of spiritual healing and the nightmares have dulled down to an almost none. Relaxing now is much easier. My stress has flown away.
My second session was even more so. I haven’t had a nightmare since. I feel emotionally strong, I feel clarity but most of all I feel happy. I could not have asked for a better outcome and I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you Laura.
— Anonymous, Roleystone
I arrived today absolutely frazzled and worn out. Laura transported me to a place of complete decompression and calmness. I have literally been floating, happy and super calm all day. As a wonderful unexpected bonus, my hips have stopped aching. Best of all, Laura is a super cool lady and fun to chat with. I will be back for sure, thank you so much.
— Stefany K, Roleystone
I’m a little lost for words but Laura’s service is so much more than just Reflexology. Laura was warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and inspiring, all in the space of a couple of hours. Laura did all she could to make me comfortable, her inclusive approach putting me at ease quickly. I found her prices to be affordable and was impressed by her offering free follow up care. I would not hesitate in encouraging anyone seeking a little connection to themselves to contact this woman. Thankyou Laura and to the universe for the gift I’ve received today!
— Kristy T, Perth
Full Moon Reflexology with Laura, where do I start. Laura has such a gentle strength about her & this comes through in her work. Her healing abilities to reach so deeply into such tender spots, to allow for release & healing on so many levels. Laura was really able to connect with each & every cell in my body. So expansive, so nourishing, so very much needed. So much love & keep sharing your gift of healing Laura. xXx
— Larissa O, Roleystone
It was a wow moment for me after a wonderful healing session with the fabulous Laura. Welcoming, caring and understanding. I can totally recommend everyone visit Laura. You are a gem and many thanks amazing lady.
— Dawn M, Roleystone
I was suspended in a bubble of magic this morning thanks to the healing hands of Laura. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!! So glad I followed my intuition and had such a nurturing and beautiful experience. I am definitely making it a priority to return... soon! Thank you so much!!!
— Libby H, Perth
The overwhelming thing about my session with Laura, for a divine Indian head massage, was the sense of truly being held. She not only held the spiritual space with integrity, but Laura also held me physically as she worked. To feel nurtured with such compassion & understanding is a healing all on its own. But Laura also tapped into the core of some tension I was quite stubbornly holding on to...with a cheeky giggle in response to my suggestion it may not shift. Yeah right. She got it and lovingly worked her majick to enable a stronger flow of energy. The release was incredible and afterwards we sat laughing & crying together - deliriously grateful for the exchange. Thank you Laura!
— Liz V, Roleystone
Had my first Flower Affinity Assessment with Laura today. What a beautiful experience. It felt like entering a different dimension. Being there was just blissful and helped me to clear my mind. Thank you so much for my beautiful, customised flower essence! Highly recommend this to everyone!!!
— Irina W, Roleystone
Both my partner & I have been tattooed for years. Every artist telling you creams to use and the ones to avoid. I’ve never found one that does the job like Inktuition does. It’s all natural ingredients have your tattoo healing quickly & perfectly! Not to mention the incredible smell of relaxing lavender. Inktuition is a must have healing balm for anyone about to get a new tattoo.
— Andréa, Perth WA
I have been a tattoo artist for 10 years. INKtuition is the first product I have encountered in all of those years that I can recommend with complete faith.
In fact I now include Laura Elizabeth’s Inktuition in the price because it is the only product I want my customers to use.
This beautifully natural balm soothes and heals tattoos better than I have ever experienced before.
It truly is magick!
— Amy Seven, Tattoo Artist
Excellent products with multiple uses, made by a beautiful soul.
— Jo W, QLD
Love the Herbal Healing Balm. Helps my sensitive and dry hands. Also adore the tinted lip balms. Both the mauve and pink are stunning and beautifully enhance your natural lip colour. Wonderful.
— Jessica B, VIC
I bought some herbal salve last year to treat my daughters eczema. After trying cream after cream from the doctors nothing worked and my little girl continued to be itchy and sore. The herbal salve is amazing and my daughters skin is so much better and now I only have to apply it when she has little flare ups and by the morning it is gone again. It so nice knowing I’m not putting any nasty chemicals on her skin, it smells great and one tin has lasted me forever! Thanks!
— Jenna O, Scotland UK
The most amazing stuff I have ever used highly recommend my daughter eczema is gone.
— Hayley R, Byford
Best lip balm ever! And the healing salve is a must, it helped clear my newborn’s cradle cap in days and has many, many other uses.
— Emma S, Kewdale
I love Laura Elizabeth’s products crafted with love. I can’t wait for my new lip shine to be put to the test! Service is above and beyond that from any other store.
— Michelle D, Toodyay
We have just tried the insect repellent - it is AMAZING....
March flies are in plague proportions this year, so I thought I’d test out your product.
Unsprayed leg = 8 bites (and deaths)
Sprayed leg = 1 landing and no bites
It’s the bomb
Even super fussy hubby said it was brilliant!!!
— Georgina C, Roleystone
Insect repellent is the bomb against March flies!
— Kat K, Roleystone
Yay! Success, we used your lovely suncream today which resulted in NO itchy skin, NO eczema, NO sunburn and lovely feeling skin all day. My super critical 9 year old (who suffers with most creams on her skin) remarked at how nice her skin felt all day! I’m so pleased, thank you lovely woman.
— Ebony L, Roleystone
These products are beautiful!! Lumiere is amazing and from now on I won’t just save it for my bub... there is such love and wisdom in these products.
— Amanda G, Mundaring
I have been using Laura’s sunscreen for several years now. It is super effective, easy to apply and feels light on the skin. I love knowing it is completely natural and safe to use. I would recommend it to anyone.
— Kate G, Roleystone
Absolutely love these products, especially the salve and chest rub! Super excited to try the lip balm next!!
— Katie P, High Wycombe
I have used this balm prior to dealing with large shopping centres and also at the end of stressy days. It smells divine and feels really soothing to the soul.
— Liz V, Roleystone
I use this Arnica Balm before sporting activities to alleviate inflammation and pain on my ligaments and joints.
— Ian C, Roleystone
Rest and Restore is amazing. I would highly recommend this product to reduce radiating lower back pain.
— Janice C, Roleystone