Weaving Ancestral Wisdom

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Weaving Ancestral Wisdom was birthed in 2019.

At the end of 2018, Laura was trained by Maori Medicine Woman Raukura Kingi Sayer in the traditional practice of Wharetangata Ora - Womb Massage. This stirred a deep and remembering and healing for Laura, where she then dedicated herself to unravelling more layers through her own healing journey. Shortly after this training, in November of 2018, Laura registered for further training with Self Healing Coach Emma Romano, and in February of 2019 became a Master Timeline Reset and Family Freedom Protocol Practitioner.

Inspired and ready to take action after several months in these modalities, Laura decided that she needed a way to reach as many women as possible, to assist them in releasing cellular memory trauma and limiting beliefs through the motherline, as well as reconnect them to their wombs space and call in the wisdom of their ancestors.

Many late nights and scribbled journals later and the basic schedule for an incredible workshop was birthed. Laura was intuitively guided to offer the very first Weaving Ancestral Wisdom in Scotland, where her own ancestors bones fuel the landscape. In June 2019, Laura took 11 incredible, powerful women through her transformational process and it was clear that she had channelled something unique and potent, which then went on to sell out in Perth, Western Australia in July 2019 and then in Seymour, Victoria and Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Each one evolving more and more, carried by the release and wisdom of the women who heard the call before them.

The fifth WAW workshop is being offered in Perth for a second time on Sat 16th November.

Tickets available here:

This event aims to work deeply with the Motherline and ancestral DNA patterns. We access these energies through your energetic ‘womb space’ to unlock stagnant beliefs, conditions and emotions that have coloured your life and decision making for generations.

We then acknowledge, call in and reconnect you with your ancestors through your womb space, remembering, reconnecting and reclaiming your divine truth and power.

The intention is both to integrate you fully with the wisdom of your ancestors, increasing your vibration to match that of the landscape.

This work is deep, profound and transformative.

I welcome all women who are ready to step up, own their power and live with purpose.

Exchange is $155 (AUD)
A payment plan option is also available with secure EziDebit


Laura Elizabeth is a Scottish born Author, International Radio Host, Self Healing Coach and Holistic Therapist, based in the Perth Hills of Western Australia. It is her intention to inspire others on their own journey to remember, reconnect and reclaim their truth and power by sharing her understanding of spiritual processes and being of service.


What have women said about WAW so far…

Darling, thank you for an important day on Sunday. Was exactly what was needed, on so many levels. You are beautiful, much love dear sister
It was a real honour meeting you too. Can’t believe the heat you were giving off during your healing. So incredible.
I know our paths will cross again.
Laura Hen you have changed me beyond believe and I am eternally great full to you for it.

You have rid me of god knows what and and enlightened me with a sense of knowing. So much knowing my heart hurts but could also burst with the endless possibilities. I feel the energy there in my womb every second of every day and I want to use it to heal myself, I want to use it to empower myself, I want to use it to learn more,I want to use it to find my path, I want to use it to love myself,I want to share it with everyone, I want to share it with our mumma, I want to share it our father, I want to share it with all, I want to share the love with all, I’m just fecked if I know how to!
— Lynn, Scotland
You definitely need this! This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! On an emotional and spiritual level it has helped me to release stuff that has been holding me back for decades! I am now feeling so much stronger, mind and spirit. Totally amazing and worth so much more than the price tag. Thank you Laura
— Jess, Melbourne VIC
I have been a witch, around awesomely magical people for 20 years. I have never experienced what we achieved, the vessel you created, the path you led us down was the most beautiful, fierce and wild thing I have ever witnessed. Every woman in that room felt it too.
— Amanda, Perth WA
6 days later and I’m still in awe and process of everything that came our way during your retreat.
Honestly not knowing what to expect I went in with an open mind and heart, but nothing was going to prepare me for the most unbelievable experiences of healing, connectivity in energy, openness and support from Laura and the wonderful, powerful women I was blessed to have been amongst during this time.
I’ve never felt a space like it. Us women are powerhouses when we come together!
It’s so uplifting to see women unite and the love unconditional that we can give. I was overwhelmed with emotion, I felt lighter after and hazy for a few days but something has shifted and I can’t Thank you enough Laura, I will cherish it forever.
— Ale, Scotland
Hats off to you Laura honestly. More than exceeded anything I could have hoped for. Didn’t realise what I was carrying if I’m honest. Good time to start letting things out, thank you.
...This event aims to work deeply with the Motherline and ancestral DNA patterns. Basically, reconnecting to our wombs and ancestors and clearing out any old patterns.
I don’t think any woman in attendance will ever forget that day and how transformative it was going to be on their life...
— Kylie, Melbourne VIC
I really believe that every woman should go to this incredible event.
— Emma, Melbourne VIC
Laura you are amazing and you hold such a spiritual and supportive space for women to fall into and feel safe. You took me to places I didn’t know I could go and I saw things I didn’t know I needed to see. The WAW workshop exceeded my expectations...The WAW worksop awakens the strong woman within and invites you to stand in your power, releasing that which is not yours and that no longer serves you.
I recommend Laura and her work wholeheartedly if you are looking to find yourself and become the woman you want and are meant to be.
— Perth, WA