Modern Biohacking, Why I Need To Share...


Two months ago, one of my dearest friends shared something with me that she was desperate for me to try. Being that she is a senior nurse, I trust her with my life, and I agreed to give it a go. I am blown away with the results I have seen in my own health and as such, I now want to share it with anyone who will listen.

Although not unwell, I am often exhausted and manage chronic digestive inflammation and anxiety, as well as some arthritic pain. I had kind of surrendered to the fact that this is just how my body is, and naturally, as I get older, shits not going to work as well as it could. Wrong! For two months I have been taking one tablet in the morning and all of these conditions have improved. All…of…them!

My energy has been significantly sustained through the day, without having that real slump around 3pm. My digestive system has been much more regular (like clockwork in fact!) and I have had less bloating and pain. I am feeling generally less anxious and managing the day to day in a much gentler way. And even in these cold mornings, my joint pain has reduced to the point I haven’t needed any treatments or topical creams. Thank God I listened to my beautiful friend!

“So what is this magic pill?” you ask…

It is an NRF2 activator (an ABCD-what-ivator?) NRF2 is a powerful protein that is stored in every cell of our bodies. It lays dormant within the cell until it is activated with an NRF2 activator. It then works to eradicate free radicals within the cells by signalling the production of antioxidant enzymes to repair and rejuvenate the cells.

When our bodies are young and healthy, it is easy for our body to balance between the repair and rejuvenation process. As we age, or if the body is overcome by disease however, this balancing act can become disrupted. This is known as oxidative stress and is accompanied by the production of free radicals in the cells. Oxidative stress and the associated free radical damage contributes to the progression of hundreds of diseases such as; diabetes, atherosclerosis, inflammatory conditions, high blood pressure, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases i.e.; Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, cancer and symptoms of ageing.

An NRF2 activator is essentially reversing the affects of oxidative stress and bringing your body back into balance and having an anti-aging affect too!

My absolute favourite thing about it, is that it is made up of five completely natural ingredients; milk thistle, bacopa, turmeric, ashwagandha and green tea. These have been formulated into a therapeutic dose that is going to hack your life at a cellular level. My inner herbalist could not be happier!

This NRF2 activator is also fully science backed with 24+ clinical studies on PubMed, and 2 human clinical trials. It is a truly amazing example of how science and nature can work together for best results.

If you would like to find out for yourself what it can do for you, or if you are a therapist and you know how amazing this could be for your clients, click on the link below or connect with me today. Lets be our best selves, living our best lives!