Believing is Seeing


Believing is seeing.

You have probably heard this saying the other way around, seeing is believing, but this is outdated and simply untrue.

Waiting to see something first will likely keep you so focused on the outcome of your goal, that you will miss opportunities along the way. The twists and turns along the enchanted path, that are going to nourish your spirit on a much deeper level.

Being open minded, or at its best, open hearted is when you believe in the potential of the infinite opportunities around you and are therefore able to grasp more than you imagined and find the miracles in the unlikeliest of places, creating deep gratitude and understanding.

To believe, practice holding on to thoughts in your heart space and really imagine how it feels to already have and taste, touch, smell and experience. Do this as often as possible and watch how your reality begins to align with this belief, and you begin to see it presenting itself in the world around you.

It’s a way of taking action and responsibility in and for your own life. So many of us are just suspended in a state of habitual passive existence, waiting to see something or know all the answers first. Passing responsibility on to someone or something else, never truly owning your choices or taking action in life.

There is never a good time to make life changing choices or step out of your comfort zone, but the greatest growth comes from pushing that edge. Be it the new job, the new baby, the new home or the next step in a relationship, we are faced with our own discomfort and fears (judgement, failure, success, abandonment) that eventually force us to leap, or just stay the same.

We believed we could, so we did!

You can practice the art of believing/manifesting/altering your reality by focusing on smaller desired outcomes. For example; in the morning when you wake up, take a moment to hold on to the belief that you will have a great day. Hold the thought in your heart space, remember the last great day you had and feel it. Feel what you loved about it and bring that feeling into the present. I promise, even if everything does not go exactly your way, you will be able to tap into that good feeling and rise above any drama that unfolds. You may even notice how much easier it is to navigate challenges and problem solve from within this mindset, and what could have been experienced as a negative, might now present good new opportunities for you to harness, that would have been missed if you were caught up in the drama.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I a right? I believe for now that I am right, and I believe in you.