Meet Merlin


Meet Merlin. The incredibly handsome fluff ball I am grateful to share my home with for the past three years. 

He is an amazing room and energy cleanser, and always turns up when I am working in sacred space for Group Distance Healing, and other events. I will literally be setting up the space and he appears from nowhere, or I hear him tapping on the door to get in. Always ready to work!

I have had many cats through out my life, my first, Buttersnap came home with us when I was 4, and I have a love of these beautiful creatures ever since. Merlin is perhaps, the most snuggly and powerful, living up to his namesake. He also has a fabulous cattitude (see what I did there?) and he doesn't take any shit. I appreciate this common expression from the feline community; clear boundaries and honesty about how they feel!

Our bond has certainly grown over the years, and I enjoy having him as my right hand man whenever I work with the spirit world. There is a beautiful partnership and trust between us, and I know he is more than capable of holding a protective space.

His voice actually debut's on my very first Group Distance Healing recording, which is now available for download (click the button below!) You here him stretching and meowing in the last few moments as I bring the meditation to a close and ask for awareness to come back into the body. His timing could not be more perfect!

I have been hosting the Group Distance Healings now for approximately two years, and the power and depth of these is growing exponentially. The feedback that I receive after each session continues to blow my mind, and I am committed to providing an honest, clear, powerful healing experience for all who wish to be placed on the list. 

Now guided to offer these healings as a downloadable audio file that can be purchased at any time, to sit any time anywhere, I am sure they will continue to grow in power and reach the wider global community as is intended. 

Thank you to all who have and will trust me in future to hold sacred space for distance healing, it is an honour and a privilege to offer this service. I am grateful to be able to do what I love.

With love, L xxx