How To Fine Tune Your Intuition


Today I'd like to share some tips on how to fine tune your intuition. 

Just like when learning any new skills, the key to developing and harnessing the potential of your intuition and psychic ability is discipline and practice.

Create a sacred space
A sacred space can be a comfortable spot in your home or a quiet spot in nature. My sacred space typically hosts crystals, cards, candles, runes, incense, orgham sticks, fairies, a singing bowl, sage and abalone shell, red cockatoo feathers, a skull and menstrual blood. It changes weekly to suit rituals or intentions that are present. 

A sacred space for you could also be a gathering with a community, such as a psychic development circle, on a regular basis. Only commit within your means, so that you are more likely to continue with the practice. Once the discipline integrates into your lifestyle, you can add in another element and gently build your focus to a level that feels right for you.

Start with ten minutes of meditation each day, and then build to thirty minutes over time. Meditation practice helps you to hear your inner voice and strengthens your connection to your higher self and spirit. Just a few minutes a day can bring a sense of calm, focus and grounding to your day.

In my meditation practice, I always use 'white lighting' technique to help quiet my mind. I imagine either a star above my head that showers me and everything in white light, or I imagine the points of light expanding from my heart and then around my whole body until I am just made of light. This then expands out and into the rest of the world. 

Next, I imagine roots from my feet anchoring me into the earth and thank the mother and the fairies for their wisdom, and imagine my crown opening and connecting up into the cosmos, thanking starbeings, guides and other spirit for their wisdom. 

Lastly I focus all energy on expanding my heart and the journey unravels as required. Messages, images, symbols and spirit will come through. 

Once you feel ready to add other elements to your lifestyle, consider some other activities to help fine tune your intuition and meet like-minded people to share in your journey. It could be a yoga class once a week, or a monthly spiritual development workshop.

When I was 13 years old I became hypersensitive to the unseen realm. I spent nights wide awake, talking with spirit presences or experiencing precognitive dreams about events days before they happened. My energy was so concentrated at times that lights would flicker and electronic devices would falter in my presence. I felt out of control and did not know how to deal with the world around me. Fortunately, my parents were incredibly open-minded and
understanding. They were referred to a psychic medium through a local spiritualist church for me to talk with. This woman would become an incredibly important influence in my life. She provided understanding and mindful tools to ground and protect myself, and to switch off when I needed to. I kept in contact with her for many years, and shortly after graduating high school, I began sitting in her psychic development circle.

The key is to find what is driving your passion and development and work with it, so that it can unfold organically, as opposed to being projected and forced into a completely new way of being. This will create resistance presenting as self-sabotage or victim archetype, and may cause more harm than good.

Be aware that as you embark on the journey to understanding yourself on a deep level and tuning in to subtle vibrations, that you may find yourself becoming increasingly sensitive to the world around you. This is because any dis-ease (physical disease, but also emotional traumas) is being reflected back to you for acknowledgement and healing, to clear your pathway to truth.

I'd love to hear where you are at in your journey, if you have any questions, or if you'd like me to expand on any of these tips. Please leave a comment below.

With Love,