How Do Integrate My Higher Self Without Being A Weirdo?


How do I begin to integrate my higher self into this life without looking like a weirdo?

Good question.

You can’t! Once you dive into the great waters of self development and spiritual exploration, others will begin questioning your sanity, as much as you have begun to question your own.
In the process of becoming who you have always been, you will appear different to others, you will lose friends and old habits. Mindsets and possessions that you no longer need will start to crumble away. It is the great unraveling, stripping you back to that beautiful sparkle at the very nature of your being. It is no thing to fear, it just is. It is terrifying and exciting and most definitely addictive once you dip your toe into the water and begin to understand the delicate blueprint of your hearts truth.

But, just as everything in nature is balanced, so too is your awakening! For every challenge you encounter (which of course is just an opportunity for growth and healing) you will be offered new friendships, soul connections and opportunities to harness your highest potential in abundance and skills to love and accept yourself in wholeness.

You will feel compelled to share your excitement and enthusiasm with others, and you will be mocked. You will want to tell everyone how much you love them and how fucking incredibly grateful you are to have them in your life, and they may take a step back because  you are too much.

You will begin to feel more connected to everything around you than ever before, and yet more alone than you have felt in your life. 
Your ego will be tested again and again, until you understand that this flesh pocket we inhabit in this earthly life, is nothing but a vessel, a navigation tool to unlock the experiences necessary for the growth and evolution we hope to accomplish on this journey.

Once seen, you can no longer unsee. Trust me though, it is all worth it. You are no longer trying, you just are!  And you are such a fucking ray of sunshine and hope on our little green and blue planet. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. Shine your sparkle and love hard!