Spiritual But Funny As F**k


One thing I have learned through the years of peeling back the layers, in all the dark corners of my psyche, there is a common medicine that helps to overcome it all, make way for truth and shine more light.

Good old fashioned laughter! Literally, I start feeling depressed if I don't get a healthy daily dose of the funnies. Sarcasm…check! Toilet humour…check! Sexual innuendos (in your end-o)…Puns…Dad Jokes…check check check! If there is a joke (especially if it comes with shock factor) you can guarantee I am there, front row and centre.

It is my belief that humour is such an integral tool in my life and personal development for many reasons. Firstly, in my years of working through spiritual process, the way to change old habits is to feel into it, acknowledge the ‘who what and why’, and then release it for transmutation and healing. Releasing can be done in a number of ways including a big emotional release, or some mind exercises (eg imagine severing cords to the old relationship or habit that no longer serves you), assistance from alternative therapies such as flower essences, body work etc, or a combination of these.
Often after a release, our energy takes some time to shuffle around, recalibrate and integrate our new way of being. It can feel sometimes like there are little holes within our makeup, and the world can seem overwhelming or unfamiliar while the dust settles. Cementing new positive habits in those old worn out spaces with joy, will assist in create that new foundation for the path you are on, and the simplest  way to achieve a state of joy, is through laughter.
As a typical Aquarian, most of the time without realizing, I can appear a bit aloof. My mind is always wandering off into the clouds. A dreamer and over-thinker on a global scale. The chatter rarely stops, and even if I am standing in one place, my mind is likely in several at once.  Humour and laughter helps me to reintegrate into my body and be more grounded, in a gentle and fun way, and eases the heaviness of what it feels to be human, allowing moments for connection and inspiration to remain good and positive.
I am also curious about how we connect and interact as human beings. Lightheartedness and laughter is a simple way to make friends, or in some cases scare people off (They are not your people)!
I feel like sometimes when we dive into a spiritual journey or calling, we forget that we are still here to have a human experience and enjoy ourselves. I have known many who've been caught in a game of ‘who is more spiritual than who’, which becomes a freakish display of battling egos, full of judgement and façade as they compete for the most likes on social media. (It can also be hilarious!)
My advice would be, not to take yourself so seriously. Don’t try to be a Guru or expert, just be yourself. Those who resonate will find you, and you will be enough. You are always enough. The very fact that you can feel you heart beating through your chest, knowing you are alive, means that you matter, just as you are, without the needing to be anything different. We are all on our own journey and there is more than enough room for each to be their own unique piece of the puzzle.
And so with love and giggles, I invite you to fart on someone’s head and have a good laugh about it, until next time. xxx