Communicating with the Spirit World

communicating with spirit world

I often get asked ‘how’ I receive messages from the universe or spirit world.

The answer is fluid and open to interpretation, it cannot be defined or backed by a scientific formula to validate my experiences for you. Simply because I work with natural and etheric cycles, which exist based on alchemic formulas, not scientific.

It’s like trying to explain to someone how cars work by giving you a bowl of fruit. Not the same, therefore no matter how long I ask you to examine the bowl of fruit, you will never learn the mechanics of a car?

So... nature, the universe, the spirit world (insert what resonates best here) communicate with me (bearing in mind I can only share based on my own personal experiences, and understand that it varies greatly for others. There is no right or wrong. We feel what we feel) using subtle symbols. And the more one sits in the discipline and practices, the more natural it becomes to receive and decipher messages.
In matters of my own personal development, I find that the symbols will start off very subtle, gently supporting the physical reality. If I miss opportunity for acknowledgement the symbols build and build until it becomes like a lesson in life slapping you in the face.
Another noteworthy point is that intuition always feels good…that is, when you ask yourself a question and tune in, your intuition always answers with a positive feeling.
For example, “Should I sell my car?”…your intuition (or gut) will feel at ease and good if selling your car is best for you at this time. If you get uneasy feeling, you can rephrase the question to sense the alternate response; “Should I keep my car?”…if the gut feeling is positive and at ease, then you are telling yourself that for now it is best to hold on to the car. Judging what feels good or not good to do, becomes easier with practice too!

Another form of communication I enjoy is through the animal kingdom. For example, a butterfly lands on your hand out of nowhere and sits there calmly, drawing your attention. You can tune in to the energy of the butterfly (or search one of the many great animal totem blog sites) and you feel that the butterfly is symbolic of transformation in a particular area of your life, career, love life etc. If you are open to this, you will begin to see animals showing up physically, digitally or in dreams.
Recently, I had an experience where I felt someone was being dishonest with me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the details (and often the details are not necessary until we are offered the gift of hindsight), but my intuition told me that things were not as they appeared. One night, I had a very vivid dream where myself and a group of friends were sitting around a fire and all of a sudden an ocelot walked through the middle of the camp. It was unusual, and I woke up thinking about ocelots. Out of all the big cats, I can honestly say that ocelots are not up there in my conscious mind's top five. So, I search for this animal totem on my phone (as you do!) and am shocked to read that ocelot appears when someone is not being honest or doing things behind your back etc… So for me, this was the confirmation and forewarning that I needed to protect my integrity by not reacting and becoming either the bully or the victim once the truth unfolded.  About a week later, it did bubble to the surface, but because I had processed the emotions, I was able to respond mindfully and not react like an asshole (which would only cause more healing work for me down the track).
That is just one personal example of how messages are able to be received when I am free flowing and aware of what is around me, and how it can be a useful tool to monitor and maintain an gentle space within and not get caught up in the drama of experiences and circumstances.

I welcome you to share your own stories, or ask me deeper questions regarding my personal experiences and understanding.
With love xxx