The Heart’s Capacity for Love


I was woken up this morning with breakfast in bed. Such a beautiful way to start the day, little pieces of strawberry, cucumber, celery and grapes chopped ever so carefully and displayed strategically over the plate.

I got out of bed and was amazed to find that the dishes were done and the lunches were made! The usual mad school morning rush had already been halved and I hadn’t lifted a finger.

It got me thinking about the children I have brought into this world, and how they are being raised. Three unique individuals, who at such a young age, at their very core have deep empathy and a natural desire to love and care for others and receive joy from selfless giving.

Today I got to experience their hearts in full bloom, and I could not be more in love with them!

I remember the overwhelming rush of love I felt for my first son as he wriggled his way into that special place on my chest. My heart was full, or so I thought! During my second pregnancy, I felt fear rising within me as my belly grew. I was worried about having to take some love away from my son in order to have enough for the this new baby…my heart was already at capacity.

Sure enough, the day came, and like her brother, my baby girl squeezed her way into my arms and into that special place on my chest. The love was unlike anything I had ever felt, I now had two beautiful babies, and my heart space grew to accommodate. There was enough love for everyone!

I learned in these moments, that the heart can never reach capacity, if one is open to love. It simply continues to expand, allowing more and more love to flow in and out to those we share intimacy with, and even those who are not necessarily close to us. There is enough love for everyone!

We breathe in the love, we expand our heart, and so the cycle continues.

I became excited about birthing my third child. I longed for that almost physical experience of the heart’s expansion as I welcomed him earthside. That fear had been healed, as I had experienced this process before, and had an understanding of how the heart works, and it is infinite potential.

Accepting that love is possible in all forms, simply because I have a beating heart. Parental love, romantic love, familial love, friendships etc…there is enough love for everyone and I will continue to expand until the day I die.

Our love is the infinite, suspended within the finite edges of our beating hearts.

With love xx