The Strength of a Woman

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Today I am searching for an answer, a conclusion in this time of New Moon, to what has felt like a battle of chaos and confusion. Longing for understanding from a place of unravel and heaviness. A time of quiet reflection and processing.

Interesting, I began finding solace in my own words. Drawn to pick up my book and read the passage Spiritual Midwives;

[Women] We remain focused and unswayed.

We are the keepers of truths

Stored deeply within the folds

Of our collective womb,

Accessible each time we vibrate

In accordance with her frequency.

 A reminder that Women are chosen as the portal, the bridge between worlds, the bringers of life because we are the only vessel strong enough to stay the course. The only container equipped to survive the life-threatening process, time after time. The only being powerful enough to remain in their grace, whilst expanding and holding the depth of love required to maintain the selfless act of creation.

But with this great power and responsibility, we are also the only beings strong enough to hold death. Each month, as is reflected with the moon, when the potential of life is not fulfilled nor possible, we are the ones here to hold space for that death as it slowly and painfully crumbles away the lining of our womb. Grieving what could have been. Grieving our right to create and to nurture. Grieving a loss that was never ours to keep.

And as we expand in life and growth, we too expand our capacity to hold death and grief. This is where wisdom is born. A seed of understanding created somewhere in between the lightest and the darkest of our experiences.

We are the Midwives. The strong ones. The wise ones. We are the bringers of life and the custodians of death. Our gift. Our curse.