Limiting Beliefs and Stepping Up


I want to talk about the past few months. I have really been called to step up, no stone left unturned, and the flow of the universe has met and supported me completely.
I attended a Wharetangata Ora – Womb Massage Workshop here in Perth. Facilitated by the amazing Raukura Sayer, who travelled from New Zealand to demonstrate and facilitate this incredible sacred Maori / Lemurian modality.
From the moment this circled my consciousness, I knew it would be powerful and I knew I needed to be there. Due to timing and finances I didn’t know how I would get there, but I trusted that it would manifest if divinely intended. I had some very interesting experiences leading up to the workshop dates, and as I had hoped it all fell into place.
Experiencing and learning this powerful process was incredible. I had visions of doing this work from many, many lifetimes. Not only that, all of my training and healing over this lifetime seems to have all led me here, back to this work, my calling, my power.
Since then, I have offered some 15+ Womb Massages, each one has been transformational not only for my clients, but also for myself. A process, a journey and deep remembering of who we are, calling those parts back into ourselves. Becoming whole again.
One thing for sure is that it is completed, there is no going back and you are changed on all levels, including at a cellular and ancestral level. Clearing the path for those before you, and those yet to come.
I have been guided some four moons later, that my personal womb healing is complete. I now have complete access to the women through all stands of my DNA and ancestry, by simply calling their wisdom and their experiences into my womb space.
I have also begun working with one ancestor in particular on a deck of oracle cards. I am told these will be completed and for sale later in the year, so it seems I am going to be very busy!
In November, still hungry for learning, I enrolled in Emma Romano’s Family Freedom Protocol training. Holy shit!
Again, I knew this work would be powerful. I had come across one of Emma’s Facebook Live videos purely by chance and felt an instant connection to her and her passion for helping others thrive.
This modality adds another dimension to the mental/emotional/spiritual work that I have been offering for many years. It focuses on releasing emotional trauma, conditioned habits and limiting beliefs held deep in the subconscious, as well as energy healing and cleansing. And its benefits are INSTANT.
Emma’s teaching format requires that you go through the 15 step program, tod own your shit before taking anyone else through the process. Let me tell you, it gets in there. Into the murky corners of your psyche that love to blame and hold on to victim mentality. It is confronting and you have to be prepared to own your shit and step up into taking responsibility and action!
The limiting belief session was particularly powerful for me. It brought up the long held belief that I am a struggling single mother and that life is always going to be a little bit hard, and I am never going to be able to provide for my family. After going through this process and acknowledging where I have been in effect of this belief, and releasing it for good I had 3 new client enquiries, 7 client bookings and several online book orders within half an hour. Yes! Within 30 minutes, I was already seeing an incredible flow of energy and abundance!
I have been seeing regular clients using this fantastic modality to work on the mental/emotional/spiritual layers, and soon will be offering workshops and group sessions too.
That same night, after a year or more of visualising myself pulled into public speaking, I put out the call to the universe. If I am ready to use my voice for the collective evolution of consciousness, then I require an opportunity to reach more people. The next morning I received an email inviting me to join the long running News For The Soul radio broadcast!
As of 29th January, I will be broadcasting Together We Rise once a month at News for the Soul. The intention is to be a channel and conduit for reconnecting, remembering and reclaiming our power and divinity as we rise together in collective consciousness. I am so excited for this experience to kick off and witness its unfolding. I hope you will join me along the way by tuning in with your own questions and experiences.
These three examples that were woven into the final months of 2018 are an example of how the flow of energy works within our universe. When you are truly aligned to your calling and being of service. I have no idea where any of this will lead me, but I do have faith that it will guide me to wherever I need to be in order to honour my truth and purpose.
Being in alignment doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly perfect (what is that anyway?) I continue to be met with unforeseen challenges, stress and anxiety. What has changed is my ability to cope with it all. To know when to pull back, and when to charge full speed ahead.
Honouring the heartbeat of my life, the ups and the downs. Trusting that all is exactly as it needs to be, in order to experience and navigate my way through the lessons.
I am eternally grateful for your kindness, support and love over the weeks, months or years and I am here to walk this journey not for you, but with you…Together We Rise!